Faculty Advisors

Incase you don't know who you're Education advisor is or how to contact them we added this page. Please note, as a CalU Secondary Education student you have two advisors, one in the Education program and one in your content area, the following is just the Education advisors.

Mathematics and Art Education

Name: Dr. Marcia Hoover
Email: ude.puc|m_revooh#ude.puc|m_revooh
Phone: 724-938-4528
Office: KEY 405

English Education

Name: Dr. Bumpers
Email: ude.puc|srepmub#ude.puc|srepmub
Phone: 724-938-4355
Office: KEY 403

Social Studies Education

Name: Dr. Monroe
Email: ude.puc|eornom#ude.puc|eornom
Phone: 724-938-4587
Office: KEY 417

Science Education and Graduate Program

Name: Dr. Zisk
Email: ude.puc|ksiz#ude.puc|ksiz
Phone: 724-938-4487
Office: KEY 409

Foreign Language and Communications Education

Name: Dr. Edwards
Email: ude.puc|sdrawde#ude.puc|sdrawde
Phone: 724-938-5750
Office: KEY 116

Post-Bac Program

Name: Dr. Hepner
Email: ude.puc|k_renpeh#ude.puc|k_renpeh
Phone: 724-938-4140
Office: KEY 406

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